About us
We strive to provide the best medical care for our customers.

Welcome to Mv Medicals

MV Medicals has been established in 2014 with the vision of taking medical industry of Maldives to a new step with new entrepreneurial ideas. We focuses in introducing and promoting the world class medical facilities and technologies to Maldives that are available in the healthcare industry across the south Asia.

The primary purpose is to building an extensive network and making global partnerships and alliances with regulators, hospitals, clinics and medical offices that will fulfill the demands of our clients and will help to ease the accessibility to world class medical facilities. Furthermore, we provide the public with timely, accurate and important information and updates on health issues and the latest technology available for diseases diagnosis, prevention and cure.

We promote our partner hospitals, clinics and medical offices to broader arena in Maldives by giving them a great business platform to network and discover the incredible business opportunities available in this challenging and dynamic medical industry.

Our Vision

To be the leading healthcare promoter and medical tourism facilitator in the country through innovation and service excellence.

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional services by pursuing business through innovation.

Our Values

People: We respect each person as a member of the medical community.
Service Excellence: We work to do the best we can and create an exceptional experiences through our service.
Communication: We promote two way open communications that helps to develop partnerships and enhances timely, efficient and appropriate connections.
Innovation: We focus on continuous improvements of our services through new innovations.
Integrity: Honesty, openness, consistency and fairness is our key to success and we trust each other.

Medical Expo
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Maldives Medical & Health Expo

The Maldives Medical and Health is an exhibition that focuses in introducing and promoting the world class facilities and technologies that are available in the healthcare industry. This Expo offers both local and foreign healthcare institutions an ideal platform to brand their world class & dedicated treatment facilities available in their hospitals.


Create awareness among the public with the information available in the healthcare industry.

To educate the public on the latest healthcare and medical best practices.

Enriching the people in various healthcare applications.

Ease the process of accessing world class medical facilities available on the region.


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